Test Information

cLBT – How the test was developed

The cLBT resulted from many years work with veterinary oncologists, first opinion practices and mathematicians in the UK, USA and the Netherlands. The work comprised two phases: The discovery of new biomarker tests for canine lymphoma and the refinement of these tests using mathematical models capable of quantifying and monitoring disease progress in dogs diagnosed with lymphoma more


cLBT assessment of remission and recurrence compared well with clinicians’ assessment and differentiated dogs in remission and those with recurring disease before appearance of lymphadenopathy more

Clinical Application

Assisting in the diagnosis of lymphoma. Lymphoma in dogs presents with a wide range of symptoms, however swollen lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy) is the strongest indication of the disease. Aspiration or biopsy of the affected lymph nodes remains the gold standard test for diagnosis of lymphoma and most practices will rely on fine needle aspiration (FNA) combined with cytological examination… more

cLBT – results interpretation & post-test information

This section explains how you will receive the results, the scoring system, information on remission monitoring and further action more