Available Now – cLBT webinar with Iain Grant

Here’s your chance to watch our free webinar, in association with CPD Solutions, on the canine Lymphoma Blood Test – Insights and Experience from First Opinion Practice. Presented by Iain Grant DipACVIM, The University of Glasgow, the webinar will provide you with a current overview of the increasing use of the canine Lymphoma Blood Test (cLBT) in first opinion practices and how it’s beginning to highlight new areas where the test can be helpful to both you and your clients.
This webinar will cover:

  • The current thinking around diagnosis and treatment of canine lymphoma.
  • Where the cLBT can help in this process, including the most difficult cases.
  • How the test has the potential to help with patient prognosis.
  • Where the cLBT can best be used when monitoring your chemotherapy patients.

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