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Introducing the NEW Lymphoma Toolbox

This new toolbox offers the complete lymphoma service for the diagnosis and monitoring of canine lymphoma.Dog Golden Lab face circle

The combination of PARR with the canine Lymphoma Blood Test (cLBT) is an exciting new development which provides a unique service comprising the most advanced diagnostic and prognostic testing with remission and recurrence monitoring. Our partner in this development is CTDS, part of VPG, who uniquely offer combined FNA cytology and PARR on the same slide. Additionally, since cLBT is proprietary to Avacta Animal Health, we are launching a genuinely unique, combined service in veterinary oncology taking lymphoma diagnosis and monitoring to the next level.

Lymphoma remains one of the most common neoplasms seen in dogs. Unfortunately, the long-term prognosis has always been considered poor in the majority of cases.

However, in the last few years, significant advances have been made in the diagnosis, therapy and monitoring resulting in improvements to the outcome for individual cases. Many of these advances allow lymphoma to be better diagnosed and treated in first opinion practices without the need for referral.

Advanced molecular tests such as PARR (PCR for Antigen Receptor Rearrangement), can confirm the presence of a clonal lymphoid population (a characteristic of neoplasia) and allow the genetic abnormalities associated with T and B cell lymphomas to be identified. This information is important for prognostic assessment and treatment planning since high grade B cell lymphomas show better responses to chemotherapy drugs and tend to exhibit longer survival times than their T cell equivalents (see Table 1).

Lymphoma Toolbox Flyer- Table

Table 1. Reference: A.M. Frantz, A.L. Sarver, D. Ito, et al. Molecular Profiling Reveals Prognostically Significant Subtypes of Canine Lymphoma. Vet Pathol. 2013 Jul; 50(4): 693-703.

*1 dog classified as intermediate grade was censored from the analysis.

There are currently two methods for differentiating T cell and B cell lymphomas in lymph node aspirates, flow cytometry and PARR. The former looks at markers on the surface of live lymphocytes and requires specialist shipping of samples to the laboratory, whereas PARR can be performed using FNA smears dried onto microscope slides and combined with routine cytology. Consequently, PARR can provide clonality and immunophenotype information on samples that are conveniently and routinely prepared by vets in practice, which can negate the need for intrusive lymph node biopsies. Cytology and PARR are also available for your feline patients. PARR is particularly useful for some feline lymphomas where neoplastic cells closely resemble normal lymphocytes.Lymphoma Toolbox Flyer-Cells

PARR, in conjunction with cytology, ensures a superior classification of lymphomas. This, together with clinical staging, enables vets in practice to give owners a more accurate diagnosis and prognosis for their pet, both in terms of life expectancy and the likelihood of achieve sustained remission.


Lymphoma Toolbox Flyer-2


When cytology results are diagnostic for, or suspicious of lymphoma, PARR can confirm the immunophenotype from the same slide. The cLBT can then be used to monitor for treatment response and sensitively detect the onset of disease recurrence.

If the slides are not diagnostic for lymphoma, additional recommendations for investigation will be included in the report. Up to 5 cytology slides will be examined for a single fee, with additional slides charged separately.

With the cLBT and PARR in combination, we now have powerful, new tools to give a much clearer picture of the likely outlook for an individual patient, so you can guide and support owners’ decisions in relation to therapy and management.


  • Take aspirate – smear cytology aspirates onto labelled slides.
  • Smears should be air dried, please do not stain or use a cover slip.
  • Complete cytology/PARR request form, download the submission form here.
  • Please submit slides in slide mailer and packed in a seperate biohazard bag. N.B these fit in an Avacta sub box.
  • Send to Avacta Animal Health using the freepost envelope provided within the submission box.


Cytology report: within 48 hours depending on receipt of sample.

PARR: 2-6 working days depending on receipt of sample.

cLBT: within 24 hours depending on receipt of sample.


For more information or to request a submission form please contact us.



BSAVA Congress 2017


Avacta Animal Health are delighted to be exhibiting at the BSAVA Congress in Birmingham from 6 – 9 April 2017. Come along to stand 808 and say ‘Hello’

Whether you want to ask a question on canine, feline or equine allergy, or would like to learn more about our range of non-allergy products and innovations there will be a member of staff who would love to help.

At our stand you have the opportunity to let out your creative side and enter our ‘Name the PAW Pets’ competition as well as having the chance to win a £100 Amazon gift card by completing the exhibition voucher in the delegate packs.

We will also have a Pet Allergy Week pack on the stand so you can get an exclusive look and register your interest!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Christmas opening hours – 2016/2017

Please note over the Christmas period we will be closed for the national bank holidays. The customer services department and laboratory will be open for the normal working days between Christmas and New Year from 9.00am – 3.00pm.

All canine Lymphoma Blood Tests and Acute Phase Protein tests will be run as normal during working days. Full working hours will resume on Tuesday 3rd January.

Happy Christmas and New Year from all the team at Avacta Animal Health.





London Vet Show 2016 – Stand M63

lvs-buttonWe are delighted to be exhibiting and supporting the London Vet Show holiday passport at this year’s event in its new home at ExCel. Come along to our stand at M63 to learn about our complete allergy service of tests and treatments, including our new enhanced equine allergy test.

We’ll also be showcasing our range of revolutionary multi-marker algorithm based tests, including the canine lymphoma blood test (cLBT), and you can enter our caption competition courtesy of Natural VetCare Prescribed and have your advert created in Vet Times and VN Times!

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Veterinary Marketing podcast – Dr Sue The Cancer Vet

Here’s a recent podcast by the Veterinary Marketing podcast with Dr Sue Ettinger aka Dr Sue The Cancer Vet.

A real ambassador for the veterinary industry, Dr Sue The Cancer Vet talks about her work on raising awareness of cancer in dogs and cats and the myths and misconceptions around treating dogs and cats with cancer. She shares her experiences with social media and communicating and engaging with pet owners.

There’s a lot of useful insight here both for a veterinary professional and for those involved in veterinary marketing – and with almost 30,000 likes on facebook its great to hear how someone dealing with such a sensitive topic as cancer can do so it a way that engages pet owners and the veterinary profession.

Spring/Summer 2016 Newsletter

Avacta Animal Health’s Spring/Summer Newsletter now available!

Newsletter Cover
Read our new canine lymphoma case study, find out about our new Natural VetCare prescribed nutraceuticals range, gain insight into the latest animal health topics from our key opinion leader, Professor Richard E W Halliwell, and much much more!

Read the full newsletter HERE


Avacta Animal Health are delighted to be exhibiting at the NORTH AMERICAN VETERINARY COMMUNITY CONFERENCE held in Orlando, Florida.

Visit our booth number 3402, to learn about how the canine lymphoma blood test (cLBT) can help diagnose lymphoma, provide a guide to treatment success during chemotherapy and monitor patients to predict relapse early.

We will also have information on Avacta Animal Health’s veterinary laboratory services, delivering market leading diagnostic tests, designed to help vets and owners care for their animals through more accurate diagnosis.

For more information on the conference and its location please visit

Christmas opening hours

Over the Christmas period, Avacta Animal Health will be closed for the national bank holidays. The Customer Services department and laboratory will be open for the normal working days between Christmas and New Year from 09.00 – 16.00. All canine Lymphoma Blood Tests and Acute Phase Protein tests will be run as normal during working days.
Full working hours will resume on Monday 4th January.

May we wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year from all the team at Avacta Animal Health.

Available Now – cLBT webinar with Iain Grant

Here’s your chance to watch our free webinar, in association with CPD Solutions, on the canine Lymphoma Blood Test – Insights and Experience from First Opinion Practice. Presented by Iain Grant DipACVIM, The University of Glasgow, the webinar will provide you with a current overview of the increasing use of the canine Lymphoma Blood Test (cLBT) in first opinion practices and how it’s beginning to highlight new areas where the test can be helpful to both you and your clients.
This webinar will cover:

  • The current thinking around diagnosis and treatment of canine lymphoma.
  • Where the cLBT can help in this process, including the most difficult cases.
  • How the test has the potential to help with patient prognosis.
  • Where the cLBT can best be used when monitoring your chemotherapy patients.